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Dalton Castle reveals mystery friend on ROH TV

The latest chapter in the feud between Dalton Castle and Johnny TV involved the peacock’s mystery friend on ROH TV. Jerry Lynn booked a match between that person and Johnny on episode 50.

All signs pointed to Castle’s friend not being real. Even moments before the contest, Castle was still scrambling and continued to offer evasive answers to Lexy Nair. Lynn warned Castle not to interfere or else his hand will be forced to suspend the peacock. Castle claimed that he would stay backstage and watch on the monitor. Johnny was confident in taking that mysterious ham-and-egger to Slamtown.

When the time came, Castle’s music played to usher in Hombre de Pavo Real de Montaña on stage. It was clearly Castle in a goofy disguise. Commentary humorously sold it like two different people.

Johnny wasn’t fooled. He immediately called off the match. Taya started rattling off Spanish, then Hombre de Pavo Real de Montaña admitted that he doesn’t speak the language. The ruse was up. Castle voluntarily pulled off the fake beard to reveal himself. He just wants to smash Johnny’s face. Castle would give anything for that opportunity. The gears tinkered in Johnny’s brain thinking of all the possibilities. Johnny will accept the match, but he is making us wait until next week to learn what he wants from Castle.

As Tom Petty sang, “The waiting is the hardest part.” Lexy caught up with Castle backstage for comment. He couldn’t handle the pressure and began clutching his chest. Castle requested cheese, then he climbed into a laundry machine to rest for one week. Lexy was at her wits’ end and slammed the glass door shut on Castle.

Share your reaction to this wacky chapter. What’s your guess for what Johnny TV chooses from Dalton Castle?

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