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Josh Alexander ambushed by former WWE wrestler posing as a fan in TNA

A familiar name from WWE reemerged in the Impact Zone.

Simon Gotch went after TNA’s top star by posing as a fan for a sneak attack on Josh Alexander.

The Walking Weapon was fresh off victory over Alan Angels via ankle lock submission.

As Alexander celebrated with the crowd, he was blindsided by a fan who turned out to be Gotch. The ruffian’s face was cloaked by a face mask. Gotch hammered Alexander with blows then rammed him into the ring steps. The intruder spit on TNA’s hero before scurrying away. Statement made as Alexander writhed in pain.

Gotch signed with WWE in 2013 to arrive in NXT, where he formed a partnership with Aiden English. The Vaudevillains won the NXT tag titles in 2015. Gotch debuted on the WWE main roster during 2016. He was released in 2017. Gotch took his talents to MLW as a member of Team Filthy and the Contra Unit until 2021. Gotch then transitioned to NOAH in Japan for 2022.

Funny enough, Gotch’s old partner is the current color commentator in TNA going by the name Matthew Rehwoldt. Of course, the Drama King denied any awareness of Gotch’s scheme.

Are you surprised to see Simon Gotch in TNA?

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