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TNA hoss violence update

Last week in TNA, hoss violence was unleashed by Big Kon to snap necks and suffocate monsters. It was unclear the severity of injury. Fast forward to this week, and we have answers about the status of Deaner and PCO.

Apparently, Deaner has a clean bill of health. He was backstage hunky dory without any signs of pain. Deaner was caught in the middle of the brewing feud between “Top Dolla” AJ Francis and Joe Hendry.

Honestly, I am surprised that TNA didn’t sell any injury for Deaner, especially given their fondness to sell batshit crazy storylines. The answer for PCO is less surprising. But first, Kon was in action to send the message that he is the baddest man in TNA.

Kon competed in a handicap match against Richard Adonis and Ori Gold. The hoss unleashed his powers of destruction for a quick squash victory, then Kon proceeded to snap their necks. That’s when PCO arrived on the scene. He was resurrected by mad scientists. Kon is no dummy though. He didn’t just wait for the monster to rise. Kon took the fight to PCO on his gurney. The hoss fight made its way to the ring with security trying to restore peace. PCO clotheslined Kon over the ropes, then he cleared out bodies on a dive to the outside. PCO and Kon brawled to the back.

In summary as an update to last week’s hoss violence, Deaner is just fine from his neck being snapped, and it was business as usual for PCO as a monster that can’t be killed.

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