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Will Ospreay’s last New Japan match will have WarGames rules

Will Ospreay will be in AEW soon. But for he’s got one more New Japan Pro-Wrestling date on his calendar (for a while, anyway... Ospreay’s made it clear one of the reasons he chose Tony Khan’s fed was because it would allow him to work the occasional NJPW match like Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston & other AEW talents do) this weekend in Osaka.

To wrap up his full-time run with the company where he rose to fame and wrap up a lengthy feud with David Finlay & Bullet Club War Dogs, New Japan booked a match they haven’t done in 20 years for Feb. 11’s The New Beginning in Osaka. Now, in addition to having United Empire’s battle with Finlay’s crew in a steel cage, they’ve added a stipulation which will get Will ready should he find himself in Blood & Guts at his new home...

New Japan doesn’t mention Blood & Guts or WarGames, since those are trademarked — and also because there’s no mention of theirs being a two-rings-one-cage affair. But the description on their website makes the inspiration here a little more clear:

In a format similiar to team cage matches overseas, the match will begin as a singles contest, with a new member added to the match every two minutes. Finlay has declared that the War Dogs will have the advantage, his wrestlers making their entrance first and alternating until all ten men are in the match. From that point on, a pinfall or submission will decide the bout.

And that’s not the only gimmick match on the horizon for NJPW. For Feb. 23’s The New Beginning in Sapporo (a weekend that will include Kazuchika Okada’s last New Japan appearances before leaving the company), they’ve added a Hair vs. Hair stip to Yota Tsuji and Yuya Uemura’s match:

Ready to see New Japan get extreme as they say goodbye to a couple big stars?

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