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Satoshi Kojima wins MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Satoshi Kojima walked into MLW to win the world heavyweight championship on September 26, 2002. Over twenty years later, Kojima holds that same title once again.

Kojima’s first match back was victory over Tom Lawlor. Sami Callihan was the next to feel the sting of Kojima’s lariat. Next up was the title fight. Kojima challenged Alex Kane for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at SuperFight on February 3, 2024.

Kojima was flanked by Shigeo Okumura from CMLL. Kane was backed by Mr. Thomas. Time for the tale of the tape.

Grinding pace to start. Kane attacked the lariat arm of Kojima. The Breadmaker fired back with a discus forearm and a DDT.

The Suplex Assassin regained control with suplex offense and a splash on the apron. Kojima countered for a cutter. When the challenger tried to close with the running lariat, Kane had the answer to catch Kojima for an exploder suplex.

Kane was in the groove for three consecutive suplexes, but frustration was mounting at his inability to keep Kojima down. Kane lost focus for a brief moment, and that’s all the opening Kojima required. Kojima exploded for a lariat and a suplex. Kojima finished the job with his signature running lariat to win. Kane’s reign is over, and Kojima is a two-time MLW world heavyweight champion at 53 years of age.

This result is definitely classified as an upset. Kojima’s presence in MLW was a feel-good story, but never did I expect him to actually win this bout.

Kojima cut a post-match promo making fun of his English skills. “My English is very shit.” The new champ did manage to get his point across about achieving glory again after more than 20 years. Yuji Nagata arrived with celebratory libations. Kojima’s parting message was to drink beer and eat bread.

Nagata showered his friend with suds.

The replay for MLW SuperFight is available for viewing through the TrillerTV+ subscription package powered by Fite. The show also included surprise returns from Raven, Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto), and the Contra Unit.

What’s your reaction to Satoshi Kojima as the new MLW world heavyweight champion?

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