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Raven, Dario Cueto & Contra Unit made surprise returns to MLW at SuperFight

SuperFight (Feb. 3, 2024) was a night of surprise returns for MLW. Raven, Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto from Lucha Underground), and the Contra Unit all made their presence felt in Philadelphia.

Raven previously ushered in the villainous crew known as The Calling. In his absence, the group fell apart. Rickey Shane Page took the reigns, while Akira splintered off as a fan favorite to fight The Calling on his own. Sami Callihan chose sides to stand with The Calling. That led to a death match between Callihan and Akira at SuperFight.

Callihan prevailed via cactus driver. RSP arrived on the scene to pick the bones. The Calling goons tied Akira to the ropes as a sacrifice to their leader. They pointed to the stage for the return of Raven. Things didn’t go as planned. Raven turned on The Calling to strike with a kendo stick. Akira helped Raven clear the ring. Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’

El Jefe is back. Cesar Duran disappeared under suspicious circumstances which happened to coincide with the return of Salina de la Renta. In recent weeks, hints were dropped that Salina’s nemesis was looming. When MLW announced Mistico to compete at SuperFight, Salina took a particular interest in that bout to acquire the services of Averno for this CMLL showcase. Averno is a long-time rival of Mistico.

As Salina flapped her gums about being the queen of lucha libre, Duran entered on stage. He declared that Salina has been very naughty and consequences must be paid. Duran ushered in Mistico for the match.

Mistico won the contest via armbar. Salina was visually cracking under the pressure while Duran stared daggers into her soul.

Jacob Fatu was in the news for newly confirmed free agent status. He still had unfinished business in MLW before departing. Fatu was booked to wrestle Japanese legend Yuji Nagata. The Samoan Werewolf rallied in the end with explosive offense for a savate kick, a Samoan drop, and a double springboard moonsault to win.

Business picked up in the aftermath. As Fatu was ready to cut a promo, he was interrupted by the mysterious cabal from his past. Enter the Contra Unit led by Mads Krugger. Fatu was outnumbered by about fifteen Contra soldiers. He was held down as Krugger struck with a Baklei war club to the back of the neck.

Krugger explained that his war with Fatu was never over. Contra sleeper cells waited two years for the time to strike. Krugger is going to put Fatu in the funeral parlor once and for all in a Baklei Brawl. Contra will rise again.

For those keeping track of Fatu’s schedule of availability as a free agent, the match with Krugger was taped at the SuperFight event. It will air as part of the MLW Burning Crush free special on February 17.

The replay for MLW SuperFight is available for viewing through the TrillerTV+ subscription package powered by Fite.

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