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Dalton Castle has a friend, who might not exist, to fight Johnny TV

The ongoing drama between Dalton Castle and Johnny TV in Ring of Honor has been a hoot. Castle may have written a check he can’t cash in the latest chapter. A match was arranged between Johnny and Castle’s mysterious friend for next week. One tiny problem. Castle’s friend might not actually exist.

In the first of two parts, Lexy Nair spotted Dalton Castle creeping around the corner trying to smash Johnny TV’s face. Unfortunately, Jerry Lynn was there to prevent Castle from misbehaving. Castle mentioned that he was trying to get a match for a friend. Johnny laughed off the idea that Castle has any friends at all. He volunteered to wrestle Castle’s friend, and Lynn made it official. Press play and watch the comedy unfold.

So, who is this friend of Castle? Lexy dug deeper trying to find information, but the peacock stonewalled. Castle couldn’t tell us his name, height, eye color, or weight. His evasiveness was shady, as if no such person exists.

Quite the mystery we have on our hands awaiting for the next episode of ROH TV. My initial thought was Castle in disguise, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense on the surface. Why would Castle send an email to Lynn about a fake friend? Castle certainly didn’t play it off like a master plan baiting John TV into a match. That said, never count out the wackiest option in this storyline.

Maybe Castle is pals with the masked man Infinito, who happens to be eerily similar to Bryan Danielson.

Who do you think will be revealed as Dalton Castle’s friend?

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