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Mick Foley is open to having one more match, a death match

Old Cactus Jack may be looking to go out with a bang.

During the final episode of his podcast, Foley is Pod, Mick Foley hinted at having one final match. But not just any standard affair. The hardcore legend is considering a return to his brutal roots.

“Sixty’s right around the corner. I’m thinking of doing one final match for my 60th birthday. Death match,” said Foley.

Before coming to WWE, where he performed as Mankind and Dude Love, the 58-year-old Foley initially made a name for himself as Cactus Jack, a violent, anything-goes wrestler who participated in battles featuring exploding barbed wire boards and time bombs. As a unique incentive to lose weight, Foley is toying with the idea of getting in shape to put himself through the hardcore ringer one last time.

“It could help me lose 100 pounds,” said the former three-time WWE Champion.

According to the website The Internet Wrestling Database, Foley last wrestled in 2015, defeating Mickey Gambino in a match for the wrestling promotion OMEGA. Before that, Foley was last seen in a WWE ring as a competitor in the 2012 Royal Rumble match. However, when asked by his co-host Conrad Thompson if such a spectacle would happen in WWE, Foley shot that down.

“No, no. I don’t think so because I think it would be a pretty gory spectacle,” Foley said.

Talking to his children about it, Foley admitted he’d likely get hurt but wouldn’t get his brain rattled. As far as potential opponents go, Foley believes an encounter with Jon Moxley would be the easiest, but a fight with self-proclaimed Deathmatch King Matt Cardona would come with a special appeal, according to Foley.

As Foley ponders a final display of staged violence, his run as a podcast is ending. He announced the news in December. As he signed off with Thompson, Foley said he is placing himself on a six-month podcast moratorium.

Might the next time Foley communicates with fans the message will come in the unmistakable tone of Cactus Jack?

Time will tell.

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