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TNA hoss might have ‘killed’ two wrestlers in wacky storyline

TNA is known for embracing the occasional oddball macabre storyline. Just look at how Eric Young was ‘murdered’ before his exit to WWE, then he miraculously cheated death to return. And let’s not forget to mention Rosemary’s Undead Realm with lizardmen and barbarians. The latest turn involves a TNA hoss on a death spree snapping necks and suffocating monsters.

Context to set up the incident revolves around Deaner’s failed leadership of the Design faction. Big Kon (aka Konnor of the Ascension in WWE) was tired of hearing the same old story about rebuilding. The hoss was done. He declared that the Design is dead. Kon decided to remind the world who is the baddest man in TNA.

During Thursday night’s episode of Impact (Feb. 1, 2024), Deaner accepted the fate of the Design as dead. As he ranted about dead things never coming back to life, PCO’s corpse was rolled out on stage to be resurrected by mad scientists. The French-Canadian Frankenstein proceeded to squash Deaner in a quick match.

Kon backed up his lethal words after the match by attacking PCO. When Deaner thought there might be a chance for a reconciliation, Kon clotheslined him into oblivion. Kon then violently snapped Deaner’s neck like a death move from the movies. Kon proceeded to chokeslam PCO and suffocate the monster with his bare hands. PCO ceased to move. Well, you know except for breathing in real life.

Under normal wrestling circumstances, Deaner and PCO would recover to continue living. However, you never know quite how to take these types of events in the world of TNA. Based on past precedent, Deaner and PCO could very well be dead. It wouldn’t be the first time for PCO. Without the Design, Deaner has no purpose for his character. Perhaps he gets resurrected as well.

Whatever the case, one thing is clear. That is how you rehabilitate instant interest in a hoss. The inevitable showdown between Kon and PCO is going to be bonkers.

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