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Brian Pillman’s grandson to be honored for helping to prevent a school shooting

Here’s a pretty amazing story making the rounds about Jackson “Boom” Swallen, the 15 year old grandson of the late Brian Pillman and nephew of WWE NXT’s Lexis King.

Swallen attends Mariemont High School in the Cincinnati suburb of the same name. Recently, he saw a fellow student’s written plan for a mass shooting at the school. Despite being threatened by his classmate to deter him from doing so, Swallen called his father Zach to share what he saw.

Zach Swallen alerted authorities. After police discovered other evidence including a list of eight students and a teacher the suspect planned to target, the 14 year old whose plan Swallen saw was arrested. They’ve been charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated murder.

“It’s very admirable that he did that, and like I’ve said before: See something, say something, hear something, say something,” Mariemont Chief of Police Richard Hines said [to Cincinnati’s Fox 19]. “If we hadn’t gotten the tip, I think we would have had a very bad situation.”

King shared a report on X about how the Uvalde Foundation for Kids will be giving its National Student Hero Award to his 15 year old nephew for making that phone call to his dad.

Swallen is making the news all over for his heroism, with ABC’s Good Morning America covering the story last week. You can watch their report above.

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