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Jade Cargill’s appearance in a Super Bowl LVIII commercial put her in WWE Hall of Fame company

Many Super Bowl commercials get released ahead of the National Football League’s championship game these days. But even though you watch them before they air during the big game, they’re still part of the what makes Super Sunday a de facto holiday here in the United States and a pretty big deal all over the globe.

Because we’re a pro wrestling blog, we’re always on the lookout for wrestlers and wrestling-adjacent personalities showing up in Super Bowl ads. As usual, 2024’s Super Bowl 58 had a few. That included the Mountain Dew ad featuring deadpan queen Aubrey Plaza, where she took a frog splash from Jade Cargill. The former AEW & future WWE star is only on the clip for a second, but apparently impressed her new bosses as they continue their efforts to make her a really big deal.

She shouted them out this morning while posting a version of the ad that doesn’t cut her scene quite as short as the one that aired.

And if the other wrestlers who made appearances in ads that aired during Feb. 11’s game are any indication of Jade’s career trajectory, WWE officials are right to be excited. Those included a man WWE likes to call The GOAT, who wrapped up his role as the villain in FanDuel’s Super Bowl marketing campaign by gloating about former 24/7 champ Rob Gronkowski again missing “The Kick of Destiny”.

Didn’t expect a betting site commercial to make me cry last night, but I’m still processing the great Carl Weather’s death. Anyway...

Cena’s headed to the Hall of Fame, but another released-in-advance spot featured someone who’s already there. Apparently off-roading on a Kawasaki is so dang manly it makes wild animals grow mullets. It even turned Stone Cold Steve Austin back in a Hollywood Blonde.

Two members of the WWE Hall’s Celebrity wing were also more prominently featured in this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s been doing State Farm ads for a bit, but this extended one was highlight:

And WrestleMania I main eventer Mr. T pities fools who have to bend over to put on their shoes...

Which wrestling-related Super Bowl commercial impressed you the most, Cagesiders?

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