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NWA Powerrr recap: EC3 beats Matt Cardona in Ultimate Match of Death for worlds title

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The National Wrestling Alliance kicked off the season premiere of Powerrr on The CW app with three title bouts. One of those contests was the Ultimate Match of Death between EC3 and Matt Cardona for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

If the Ultimate Match of Death wasn’t enough, the NWA also added Ten Pounds of Gold Weapons to the chaos. The venue was set up with seating looking down upon the ring for an intimate atmosphere feeling like the Thunder Dome. EC3 and Cardona entered as gladiators ready to kill.

EC3 started strong as the better wrestler. He loaded the ring with gold weapons, which were actually standard objects painted gold. Cardona struck first with a chair to the back, but EC3 soaked in the pain. EC3 returned fire, then he sent Cardona crashing through a door in the corner via back body drop.

Cardona took control by kicking the ropes into EC3’s groin. A pair of chair shots knocked EC3 off the apron through a table. EC3 was busted open, and the screen went to black and white for the rest of the bout. I imagine that is due to airing in the The CW app. The match got more violent from there.

Cardona pulled out a shattered glass picture of EC3 with Dixie Carter to DDT his opponent onto the shards. The action progressed with each other borrowing finishers. EC3 hit a leg lariat to Cardona through a door in the corner. Cardona came back to smash a guitar over the champ’s head. The challenger added a headlock driver, but it wasn’t enough to keep EC3 down for three.

Cardona pulled out a box to empty a pile of action figures into the ring. That tactic backfired when EC3 powerbombed Cardona onto the toys. It was EC3’s turn to pull out a surprise box, which happened to be full of golden tacks. Cardona was on point to save himself with a low blow. He hit Radio Silence to EC3 on the tacks. The champ refused to lose and kicked out on the cover.

Cardona pulled out light tubes. EC3 hit a low blow, then he shattered the lights on Cardona’s head. EC3 hit the One-Percenter and slapped on The Purpose submission to win.

Backstage after the show, EC3 cherished his retention. The Over Man puffed a cigar in celebration of winning the Ultimate Match of Death. This clip also contains highlights from the fight.

Kenzie Paige retained the NWA Women’s World Championship over Tiffany Nieves. The competitive bout tipped in Nieves’ favor on a spinebuster and a cloverleaf. Nieves’ inexperience showed on the submission by locking it in too close to the ropes. Paige quickly grabbed the ropes for the break. The champ sensed it was time to reach into her bag of tricks, so she jabbed Nieves in the throat. Paige snatched the title belt as a foreign object, but the referee confiscated the gold. Paige had a backup plan to pull an object out of her boot to spray Nieves in the eyes. Paige pounced for a cutter to pin her blinded opponent.

Blunt Force Trauma retained the NWA World Tag Team Championship over the Perfect Storm. Tim Storm and Jax Dane took the fight to the champions before the opening bell. BFT rammed Dane into the ring steps to take control. Hot tag to Storm running wild, but a teamwork move accidentally swung the opponent’s feet to hit the referee. Ref down! Manager Aron Stevens entered the ring to punch Storm with a loaded glove, but the contact did do damage. Storm grabbed Stevens’ fist to squeeze the delicate bones. As Stevens howled in agony, Storm became victim to a roll-up. BFT remain tag team champions.

Overall, the show was entertaining enough. If you are curious about the NWA’s current product, I think this episode is a solid sampler to get a taste of the style they offer. The main event was wild but not overboard in the death match realm.

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