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Mustafa Ali revealed his goal in TNA

Mustafa Ali made his presence known in TNA last week as a huge surprise. He spoke in a parlance fitting of his World Tour Campaign gimmick, but there was one hint for his direction in TNA.

Chris Sabin picked up on the mention of an x-factor to presume a challenge for his X-Division Championship. Ali hacked the screen airing a campaign commercial to confirm as much during Impact (Feb. 1, 2024.)

Ali: For many, change can be scary.

Regardless of their circumstances, no matter how destructive or detrimental, they prefer the comfort of the familiar over the discomfort of risking it all for something more. And I understand that. I empathize. But I also understand that change is a necessary (mumble), achieved only when fear is faced head on.

And for that, the fearful need leadership. They need someone to set an example to show that change is possible. And that by overcoming our fears, we can become stronger and obtain not what we inherited by chance but that which we deserve.

I’m Mustafa Ali, and I approve this message.

The Motor City Machine Gun is not one to back down as a ten-time X-Division champion. The TNA No Surrender event is coming around the corner on February 23, and that would be an appropriate date for Ali to debate Sabin in a match.

How excited are you to see Chris Sabin versus Mustafa Ali for the X-Division Championship?

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