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Nic Nemeth needs friends in TNA

Nic Nemeth has made several enemies in a short time since arriving to TNA. So much so that he is in need of friends.

Nemeth was in action against Trey Miguel on Thursday night’s edition of Impact (Feb 1. 2024). Last week, Nemeth defeated Zachary Wentz. Next up was Wentz’s teammate. Even though the Rascalz played their games to cheat, Nemeth overcame in the end. One of the subplots of Nemeth’s ring work was his failure to hit the superkick. Wentz played defense well to avoid Sweet Chin Music. Trey wasn’t so lucky. He actually tuned up the band taunting Nemeth. When Trey moved forward, Nemeth sprang up to beat him to the kick. Foot to jaw, pin to win. Nemeth was victorious.

Afterward, Nemeth was ambushed once again by Steve Maclin. The Rascalz helped Maclin take out the trash for a double superkick. Maclin finished the job with a double underhook DDT to leave Nemeth looking up at the lights.

Maclin had a good feeling about starting a new companionship with the Rascalz. Backstage, they intruded on “Speedball” Mike Bailey’s moment of zen. Words were exchanged.

The math is looking simple to align Nemeth with Bailey. They haven’t been properly introduced on screen yet, but it seems to be only a matter of time. The question then becomes who is the third. Trent Seven makes sense as Bailey’s tag team partner, but you never know who Nemeth could call.

Who would you choose to watch Nic Nemeth’s back in TNA?

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