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Taya Valkyrie will not allow Dalton Castle to smash Johnny TV’s face

A splendid feud is building under the radar on ROH TV between Dalton Castle and Johnny TV. Tension started during a singles match when Taya Valkyrie returned to create a distraction for her husband. That tactic didn’t pan out, and Castle earned the win. The next step was Johnny distracting Castle to cause elimination in the Survival of the Fittest contest for the ROH World Television Championship at Final Battle. The war of words has continued since then.

Castle was inconsolable about defeat. He hasn’t slept since Final Battle. The ROH TV title was his ticket to respect, exposure, and action figures. John TV ruined it for the world. Payback is coming. Aside from Castle’s glorious character work, this promo is worth watching to see Lexy Nair coming into her own as an interviewer with reactions to the peacock’s words.

Meanwhile, Johnny compared the peacock to a pigeon full of it. The TVs also treated us to their duet of Umbrella.

Fast forward to episode 44 of ROH TV, and Johnny TV was in action against Ethan Page. Johnny used a cheap shot low blow to take control. Castle arrived on stage to cause a distraction for Page to recover and win via cutter. On episode 45, Castle defeated Peter Avalon via Bangarang. Castle was still not his normal self full of panache. He arrived looking disheveled and eating a cheese sandwich. Castle could only muster a half-wing salute during his peacock entrance.

Backstage, Castle and Johnny came face to face once again. The tit for tat is not even. Castle is still missing his mojo. He feels unplugged. Johnny interrupted the bland man. Mr. TV was upset that Castle made him look like an idiot in front of his wife. Castle will not rest until he has satisfaction. Upon threats of smashing Johnny’s face, Taya heard enough. She would not tolerate anybody hurting Johnny’s beautiful face. Smooch session. Taya denied Castle’s request for a match. The absurdity of this promo is so darn good. Johnny and Taya ooze chemistry. This is the couples form Slamtown citizens yearn for.

These are the kind of character scenes that elevate all involved to build a juicy rivalry. Give us more, please.

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