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MLW world title fight weigh-in gets heated between Alex Kane and Richard Holliday

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MLW starts the new year with Kings of Colosseum on Saturday, January 6 in Philadelphia, PA. And with that comes a world title fight. Alex Kane is set to defend the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Richard Holliday. The two competitors participated in a weigh-in to hype the show. Tensions were heated, and a little bit of physicality erupted.

Holliday tipped the scales at 236 pounds, while Kane clocked in at 237 pounds. Afterward, Holliday grabbed the mic to spew insults. Kane lost his cool and lunged at Holliday, however, no contact was made due to officials breaking it up.

There is one potential possibility to keep an eye on. During the skirmish, Kane struck his teammate, Mr. Thomas, with an elbow to the face when wildly swinging his arms. The camera focused on Thomas looking dazed on the floor.

If forced to guess the purpose of that incident, I would surmise seeds being planted for betrayal. Holliday is backed by Mister Saint Laurent and the World Titan Federation. Thomas is the type of athlete that fits the mold of WTF superstars with a chiseled physique. If Thomas feels that his presence is being taken for granted by the champ, then perhaps he could be coerced into turning on Kane. I don’t think that will be the case, but you never know in the wacky world of professional wrestling.

The world title fight is now official for Kings of Colosseum.

Kings of Colosseum will be available for live streaming through the TrillerTV+ subscription (formerly called Fite TV). The PPV card includes:

  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) vs. Richard Holliday
  • Matt Riddle vs. Jacob Fatu
  • MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship: Janai Kai (c) vs. Hyper Misao
  • MLW World Tag Team Championship: Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & Manders) (c) vs. World Titan Federation (Tom Lawlor & Josh Bishop)
  • MLW National Openweight Championship: Rickey Shane Page (c) vs. Akira in Taipei Death Match
  • Love, Doug vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin in Love is Blind(fold) match
  • Wasted Youth & Alec Price vs. Tony Deppen, TJ Crawford, & Griffin McCoy

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