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Finlay beats Moxley & Ospreay to become the first IWGP Global champion

Then, the Bullet Club leader finished his night at Wrestle. Kingdom 18 by brawling with Nic Nemeth.

For his second Wrestle Kingdom, Jon Moxley arrived with entrance gear inspired by DC Comics’ Red Hood.

And while he didn’t have his version of the Batman Family with him, Mox did have an alliance for his Triple Threat match for the new IWGP Global title — his future AEW co-worker Will Ospreay.

Ospreay entered one of his last appearances as a full-time member of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling roster to a great response from the Tokyo Dome crowd. Then he & Mox put their differences aside to deal with the man who interjected himself into their feud — Bullet Club leader David Finlay.

Moxley & Ospreay agreed at the pre-show press conference to spend the first five minutes of their match trying to take Finlay out of it. They did that by kicking his ass all around the ring (including past Mox’s former co-worker Nic Nemeth), en route to putting him through a table.

Then they set out to kick each other’s asses.

And that gave Finlay time to recover. He busted Moxley open by sending him into the ring post, and flattened the Aerial Assassin by using his shillelagh to hit a neckbreaker on the apron.

Ospreay flattened both men at ringside with a moonsault from the top, but Moxley caught him with a forearm when he tried a springboard move between the ropes. A Death Rider follow-up only got two, so Mox filled the ring with chairs. That backfired when Finlay dropped him back-first on the backs of two of them, and everyone felt some steel before the ring was cleared.

A fast-paced sequence followed, and Finlay eventually found himself in both his opponents’ crosshairs again. But before they could finish him, War Dogs Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin hit the ring to save their leader. Mox & Ospreay came together again to take them out, with the man who last held the IWGP United States & United Kingdom titles Swanton-ing them through a pair of tables.

Finlay was alone again, and Moxley thought he had him after hitting Death Rider. But Ospreay broke up that pin with a Hidden Blade, setting off a run of hitting finishers and trying to steal pins.

After a Stormbreaker on Moxley, Ospreay seemed to have this won. But Finlay swooped back in to hit Into Oblivion and become the first IWGP Global champ.

And he wasn’t done, jawing with Nemeth and eventually shoving him to start a brawl. They were separated, but the former Dolph Ziggler chased the new champ down to finish the fight.

That’s for later. For now, Finlay has a huge win under his belt and we’ll see what Mox and Ospreay do on their way back to AEW.

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