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A heartbroken CM Punk had a message for Cody Rhodes at WWE Raw

On the last Raw before Royal Rumble, CM Punk and Cody Rhodes directed promos at one another that popped ratings, and created excitement for the Rumble match. It also left fans uncertain whether Rhodes would come out of the WWE’s Jan. 27 event with a chance to “finish his story” against Roman Reigns, or if Punk would earn the WrestleMania main event spot he’s long sought.

It was the perfect set-up for Cody and Punk to be the final two men in last Saturday’s Rumble, with Rhodes eliminating the Best in the World and pointing up to Reigns in a luxury box while a crestfallen Punk watched from the floor.

A lot has changed since then. We found out Punk wasn’t just disappointed by his loss, but likely already knew there would be no WrestleMania at all for him this year due to a torn triceps. Rhodes has Seth Rollins (the man Punk was likely going to face at ‘Mania before getting hurt) trying to convince him to use his second-straight Royal Rumble victory to challenge for his World Heavyweight championship rather than once again going after Roman’s Universal one.

WWE’s shared video of a moment Punk & Cody shared backstage at Raw this past Monday (Jan. 29). In it, an understandably sad-looking Punk has a message for the American Nightmare. It makes pretty clear what he thinks Rhodes should/will do, and that if there was any truth in the jabs they were throwing a week earlier about who was the American Dream and who was punk rock, there are no hard feelings now:

“Finish your story, bro.”

Cody heads to SmackDown this Friday to address his WrestleMania plans. Punk is headed to surgery, and reportedly hoping to be back by late summer.

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