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Nyla Rose is putting up must-see promos in ROH

If you’re a fan of Nyla Rose’s quirky sense of humor, then this is the spot for you. The Native Beast unloaded crazy charisma in her past few promos for Ring of Honor. The context revolves around Nyla ambushing Athena to kick-start a feud for the ROH Women’s World Championship.

Starting last week with Billie Starkz’s reaction to the attack on Athena. She was ready to break kneecaps in response to defending the minion overlord. Lexy Nair talked sense to focus on the task at hand, the ROH Women’s World Television Championship. Starkz was still peeved though. This sets the mood for what is to come from Nyla.

Nyla explained to Lexy that she is taking over the minions. The Native Beast channeled her inner Cartman to say, “Respect my authoritah!” Instead of squeaking the door open for an opportunity, she busted that sumbitch down to make a statement. Nyla won’t stop until she has the ROH Women’s World Championship around her waist. This promo is must-see. Goodness gracious, Nyla is a dynamo of entertainment here.

This week on ROH TV, Nyla commandeered the minion locker room to clear out Athena’s belongings. When Lexy protested, Nyla flexed her muscle to threaten the minions. Lexy and Starkz will cooperate or else. The Native Beast tormented the cameraman to powerbomb him through a table. Fall in line or fall down. Once again, Nyla slays this scene with personality.

If you thought Athena was overbearing as minion overlord, she can’t hold a candle to Nyla’s bullying behavior. The Native Beast is straight up intimidating here. She is also a perfect foil to rehab Athena’s image as a babyface. You know shit is going down once the Fallen Goddess returns, and it will be exciting to watch.

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