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John Morrison is trending over hilarious ROH storyline

John Morrison, currently known as Johnny TV in the Tony Khan wrestling universe, is receiving attention on social media when a funny clip made the rounds. Enjoy the wackiness without context.

That splits spot is even funnier with context.

Johnny TV is currently embroiled in a ROH feud with Dalton Castle. Calling it a feud is generous, because that would imply it is two-sided. In Johnny’s mind, Castle is beneath him and not worth the time. The main claim is that the peacock in not TV ready. Castle was given the green light for a match as long as Johnny accepts. And that’s where we drop in for latest chapter of this story.

Last week, Johnny laughed off the idea of taking the match. No chance for Macho Man Randy Average. Castle burst in through the door waving around cheese slices as a deadly weapon. A chase ensued, and Johnny utilized his parkour skills (PARKOUR!) to escape. The Mayor of Slamtown was able to hide from the bland man behind the closed door of his locker room.

This week on ROH TV, Jerry Lynn had to slap sense into Castle. The peacock was in the background of Lynn’s interview trying to break down Johnny’s door. Johnny emerged to rub it in. No match until Castle is TV ready. That’s when Johnny did the splits to vanish backward behind the curtain. Also watch Taya Valkyrie cackling like a banshee.

Comedy gold!

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