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Adam Copeland has a message for Minoru Suzuki, fans: ‘Grit your teeth’

“We are gonna beat the hell out of each other,” warns Copeland.

After being outsmarted by Christian Cage at AEW Worlds End, Adam Copeland knows he has to outwork everyone in All Elite Wrestling if he hopes to get back in the ring with the TNT Champion for a shot at his title. That led to Copeland coming up with the Cope Open, an open challenge to face anyone as the superstar formerly known as Edge tries to prove he’s better than his longtime friend and rival.

While that’s led to some unique matches early on, none are more intriguing in its infancy than the spectacle coming to Dynamite this Wednesday night as Edge faces Japanese legend and former MMA practitioner Minoru Suzuki.

What will happen when the founder of Pancrase meets The Ultimate Opportunist? To hear Copeland tell it, it sounds like it’ll be hell.

“Minoru Suzuki vs. The Rated R Superstar. Man, I get goosebumps just thinking about it. We are gonna beat the hell out of each other. Two grizzly, gnarled, evil bastards beating each other up, and I can’t wait.

“Suzuki, I know what you’re gonna bring. I hope you know what I’m gonna bring. I’m gonna sum this match up in three words for all of you.

“Grit your teeth.”

After debuting at WrestleDream last October, Copeland stated that part of his motivation for coming to AEW was facing a whole new crop of opponents, saying, “I look at an entire fresh roster of faces, and so many talent that I’ve never laid hands on before. And that, that to me, as a person who is driven by challenges, that for me was the biggest thing.”

While most envisioned first-time encounters like Copeland versus Kenny Omega or MJF, Minoru Suzuki is one name most AE-Dub enthusiasts didn’t have on their list of dream matches for the WWE Hall of Famer. At 55, Suzuki still displays flashes of brilliance and a wicked mean streak that could make this one of the most unexpected treats in all of televised wrestling this year.

Just don’t grit your teeth too hard, Cagesiders. Instead, save them for your favorite snacks as you prepare to take this one in.

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