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Samoa Joe’s Mt. Rushmore of wrestling’s hardest hitters

Photo: Ryan Loco

We spent some time over the past week praising the skill with which AEW World champion Samoa Joe handled questions about the past, present, and future of the company he represents. But it’s also just fun to listed to Joe riff on wrestling in general.

Case in point, when Bleacher Report asked him who the hardest hitter in wrestling is. Joe didn’t just have an answer, he had a line-up of them. And the names he included managed to put over multiple styles, eras & promotions.

He puts them over in a way that ultimately puts himself over the most, too.

“The list is a Mount Rushmore of some of the most dangerous people in the world. You start from [Kenta] Kobashi and [Mitsuharu] Misawa. Young Wardlow. He hits like a truck. Brock Lesnar hits like a truck. Roman Reigns hits like a truck.”

“There’s tons of people around the sphere of wrestling who all hit hard, and I’ve felt all that power, but they don’t hit as hard as me.”

[Joe chants intensify]

That’s our guy.

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