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NWA’s deal with The CW doesn’t appear to involve television

Powerrr is already on the network’s app rather than its airwaves, and it seems the associated reality show will be distributed the same way.

NWA’s YouTube

Back in October, National Wrestling Alliance owner Billy Corgan started boasting about having signed two television deals with a “top 20 network”. Shortly after Corgan first mentioned that in an interview, a report came out identifying the network in question as The CW.

It’s been a wild ride since then. We had claims that CW execs were bumping (pun 100% intended) NWA content from television to their app due to a scene of illegal drug use on the promotion’s Samhain PPV. WWE announced The CW would be NXT’s next TV home. Episodes of the NWA’s weekly Powerrr show appeared on The CW’s streaming app. And through it all, Corgan insisted the deals he was talking about in October were still in place.

For a brief period of time yesterday (Jan. 19), it sounded like Corgan would be proved partially correct. The second NWA/CW deal was believed to be for a reality show and, during an interview with Knockouts and 3 Counts, the promotion’s play-by-play voice Joe Galli said the reality series is “going to be on The CW, on their traditional network”.

But a few hours later...

Some exposure on a platform like The CW is a good thing, and it will be interesting to see how the network navigates promoting NXT and the NWA — if Powerrr and the reality show are still on the app come next fall.

At this point, though, we’re not holding our breath waiting for the NWA to show up on The CW’s broadcast feed.

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