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Taya Valkyrie has epiphany about ROH women’s TV title and reveals new name for finisher

Taya Valkyrie was made for TV.

Taya has her eyes on winning the inaugural Ring of Honor Women’s World Television Championship. La Wera Loca is on the warpath in the ring smoking the competition. She’s even better backstage with magnetic promos alongside husband Johnny TV. The latest edition of ‘As the Taya Turns’ included a revelation about the ROH TV title and a new name for her curb stomp finisher.

For added context, we first visit Dalton Castle. The peacock is currently embroiled in a quarrel with John TV. Castle wants a match to smash Johnny’s face. He received the okay from the ROH board of directors, however, they said Johnny needs to agree on the decision. That’s where Castle was in a pickle. He snacked on cheese while dishearteningly discussing his options with Lexy Nair. The idea came for Lexy to ask Johnny on Castle’s behalf. Castle was kind enough to reward Lexy with warm cheese stored in his jumpsuit.

Lexy carried the message over to the Mayor of Slamtown. And as predicted, Johnny shot down the idea. He didn’t deem Castle to be TV ready. The topic of conversation turned to Taya being ready for the ROH women’s TV championship. As Johnny acted the hype man saying his wife’s full name after every point, they shared an epiphany. TV is Taya Valkyrie. The new title was practically named after her. It’s funny watching Taya and Johnny ham it up when stumbling across that idea.

Taya backed up her bravado in the ring. La Wera Loca curb stomped Robyn Renegade en route to victory on episode 46 of ROH TV. On social media, Taya announced the new name for that move. In honor of Canadian hero Shania Twain, Taya’s curb stomp is now called Shania Pain.

Do you like La Wera Loca’s chances of winning the ROH World Taya Valkyrie Championship? Also, share your thoughts on the Shania Pain name.

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