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EC3 retains NWA worlds heavyweight title against former champion

Line up the challengers, and EC3 will knock them down. EC3 added another notch on his belt in the quest to become the greatest NWA world champion of all-time. The latest victim was Jax Dane. The powerhouse wrestler is a former NWA worlds heavyweight champion in his own right. Dane won the title in 2015 and held the Ten Pounds of Gold for 419 days.

EC3 versus Dane for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship was the main event on episode 141 of NWA Powerrr.

EC3 is one strong man, but he had trouble matching up to Dane’s power. EC3 relied on headlock offense to gain an edge. Control the head, and the body will follow. EC3 took Dane down to the mat several times with the headlock.

Dane is no fool. He adapted to counter with suplexes to escape. Dane went to work to methodically inflict pain piece by piece to EC3’s joints and limbs.

Commentator Joe Galli aptly described the match as, “Simple and effective holds by incredibly powerful men.”

The action picked up when EC3 sidestepped Dane charging into the corner. Dane collided into the ring post. EC3 knocked the behemoth off the apron with a lariat, and he followed for a suicide dive. EC3 went to the air once again for a diving crossbody. Dane was not fazed. He popped up to crush a lariat. When Dane went for a submission, EC3 dipped out the back to attack with three consecutive One Percenter headlock drivers. That was enough to keep Dane down for victory. EC3 remains the NWA worlds heavyweight champion.

Next up for EC3 is Matt Cardona in The Ultimate Match of Death at NWA Paranoia on January 13.

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