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Elias hits free agency by burying his past, revealing post-WWE name

Elijah’s X

Elias was released by WWE back in September, one of many wrestlers and employees cut after the Endeavor sale & TKO launch became officiak.

He also came clean about the whole Ezekiel thing, which must have been a relief after living a lie for months. But I digress...

The 36 year old from Pittsburgh (real name Jeffrey Sciullo) is drifting into free agency, announcing the move with a New Year’s Day video drop announcing his new gimmick name.

With no small amount of religious symbolism, it features Elias walking through a forest — “the shadow valley”, according to the narrator — on his way to his own grave. Wearing a different hat, he digs the grave and then does the burying after falling into it... because pretending to be other versions of yourself is a hard habit to break, I guess.

Now wearing a white sleeveless undershirt, he crawls out of his fiery tomb and the screen flashes with “ELIJAH”. The new moniker reveal is also spoiled by the caption on the X post.

Ready to walk with Elijah?

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