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Snitsky tries to punt Microman in MLW

Gene Snitsky has a reputation for punting babies in WWE.

That menace of a man recently made his debut for MLW in the Battle Riot V with a minor name change to Snisky, minus the T. I pity the fool.

Snisky returned for singles action on the latest episode of MLW Fusion (#181). There were no babies around, but there was a pint-sized luchador. Snisky tried to punt Microman.

Snisky was introduced by Mister Saint Laurent as the newest member of the World Titan Federation.

Snisky steamrolled his opponent. Yoscifer El was the victim of a lariat, big boot, and chokeslam. Snisky added insult to injury to attack Yoscifer as he was being taken out on a stretcher.

Fast forward to later on the card, and Microman was in trios action with the Mane Event against Little Guido & Ray Jaz of the FBI and Jesus (Ricardo) Rodriguez. Never underestimate Mircoman.

Microman earned the win on Guido via Vader bomb. After the match, Sam Adonis came to pick a fight. Adonis was backed by Snisky for a double chokeslam to the Mane Event. MSL directed traffic for punting practice. Snisky kicked dolls into the crowd to warm-up.

The finale was going to be a field goal kick on Microman. Adonis held the luchador upside down like a football. Thankfully for Microman, the Second Gear Crew made the save before Snisky could kick. Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and Manders prevented hilarious catastrophe. I don’t know whether to cheer or boo.

What a glorious fusion of past and present down memory lane.

Did you have Snisky trying to punt a mini luchador on your wrestling bingo card for 2023?

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