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NWA chooses a weird name for its next PPV

The NWA is getting back in the saddle for their next PPV on October 28 in Cleveland, OH. Being that the date is close to Halloween, the NWA selected a weird word to name that PPV.




A little bit of research tells us that Samhain is the name of a Gaelic festival on November 1. The translation is end of summer. The pagan religious celebration for the end of harvest season takes place at the midpoint betwixt the fall equinox and the winter solstice. It is believed that barriers break down allowing more interactions to the spirit world.

Anyway, back to professional wrestling. Samhain fits the theme of a Halloween event that Billy Corgan believes will be the darkest and most violent PPV they ever do.

Father James Mitchell narrated the trailer for Samhain. The clip starts at 9:41 in the latest episode of NWA Powerrr. By the way, Samhain sounds like it is pronounced sow-win, with sow as in a female pig.


An ancient pagan festival celebrating the beginning of winter and the darkest time of the year.


A brief moment in time when the veil between the living and dead opens.


When the tortured howling souls of the dead soar through the skies and the fetid rotten corpses walk the earth.

On October 28th in Cleveland, Ohio, NWA presents Samhain, the most violent and deadly PPV in National Wrestling Alliance history.

Samhain. Be there if you dare.


The PPV location of Cleveland is fitting for the new NWA worlds heavyweight champion. EC3 hails from the region and will likely be involved in the main event. There is a good chance that his opponent is Thom Latimer. Nothing is official yet, however, Latimer has earned the right to call his shot with the Lucky Seven rule holding the NWA TV title.

What’s your take on the word Samhain as the name of a PPV?

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