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Matt Cardona wins MLW debut in Kiss My Foot match but doesn’t receive the prize

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Matt Cardona arrived in MLW for buzz, money, and gold. He was the crown jewel of the World Titan Federation manged by Mister Saint Laurent. Cardona made his debut for a Kiss My Foot match at Fury Road.

Cardona’s opponent was Mance Warner. The Southern Psychopath aired out his stinky feet before the match. He purposely walked barefoot in cow shit and pig shit to give Cardona a tasty treat when puckering up.

The action spilled out to the floor. Cardona hit a DDT onto concrete to bust open Ole Mancer. Back inside the ring, Cardona added a reboot to smash Warner’s face with a chair.

Warner shot back to tackle Cardona through a wooden board in the corner.

Cardona regained control for a Death Valley Driver onto open chairs.

Cardona made a classic blunder down the stretch, but he was saved by MSL. Cardona swung a chair, Warner ducked, the chair hit the ropes, then it bounced back to clock Cardona. Warner hit a running knee. 1, 2, MSL placed Cardona’s foot on the ropes to prevent the three-count. The referee ejected MSL for his interference. In the hubbub, Cardona pounced for the Radio Silence leg lariat on Warner to win.

Per the stipulation, Warner had to pay up by kissing the feet of MSL and Cardona. MSL was up first. Chomp! Warner bit MSL’s toes, and he screamed in agony. Warner poked Cardona in the eyes then went back to biting MSL’s foot.

That match was the classic Matt Cardona experience.

The Fury Road replay is available for live streaming through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

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