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Jacob Fatu loses MLW National Openweight Championship in Weapons of Mass Destruction match

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Jacob Fatu doesn’t taste defeat very often in MLW. The Samoan Werewolf took the silver bullet going down in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match at Fury Road (Sep. 3, 2023). Fatu lost the MLW National Openweight Championship in the process.

Fatu battled against Rickey Shane Page, who is a member of The Calling led by Raven. The Weapons of Mass Destruction stipulation is basically a hardcore match with the theme of hazardous materials around the ring, such as in this clip.

The match started with a bang of fisticuffs, a suicide dive, and a swanton bomb from Fatu. RSP was a tough hombre and regrouped to suplex Fatu onto open chairs.

Page utilized very smart strategy. Fatu wrestles barefoot, so Page focused on driving pain deep into the sole. He stabbed the bottom of Fatu’s feet with a spike and grated the skin with another foreign object. Page also dismantled the top rope from the ring to prevent Fatu’s signature moves on offense. Fatu was unable to do springboard and handspring attacks. This clip is an example of Fatu naturally in motion for a handspring moonsault before changing plans for a standing moonsault upon the realization that the ropes were broken.

Despite Page’s savvy gameplan, Fatu doled out punishment for a Samoan drop through a makeshift table.

Fatu was on the warpath to victory after shoving Page’s face into the exploding toxic waste ringside. (It was sparklers and smoke coming out of that hazardous box.) Page’s flesh was seared, and the referee wrapped his head with bandages. The Calling never rolls alone. Akira ran in to interfere. Fatu dealt with him for a superkick and a pop-up Samoan drop.

That distraction paid off for The Calling. Fatu turned around into a DDT onto a chair from Page. RSP made the pin to be crowned new champion. Raven’s crew now holds all the men’s titles in MLW except the world heavyweight strap. Page and Akira are both double champs with the tag titles, openweight title, and middleweight title.

The Fury Road replay is available for live streaming through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

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