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‘Heels’ might not be down for the count after Starz cancellation

“Heels” Chicago Screening Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images

The Stephen Amell-led pro wrestling drama Heels may not have a huge following, but its fans are turning out to be really passionate about the show.

After the news broke earlier this week that Starz was cancelling Heels after two seasons, and a lengthy discussion of that news on Sirius XM’s Busted Open, #CancelStarz was a trending topic on X (fka Twitter) on and off for several days:

(A quick aside to say that while I’d fallen off watching Heels and therefore don’t really have a stake in this current battle, I absolutely stand in solidarity with Mr. King Coop on GLOW’s cancellation by Netflix. It’s been three years and I’m still pissed about that one. Anyway...)

Perhaps buoyed by the online support, showrunner Mike O’Malley says Team Heels is actively looking for a way to keep the series going. O’Malley told Entertainment Weekly:

“Yeah, we are actively doing it right now. And some of the actors are still under contract. Obviously, the [writers’] strike just ended. I couldn’t have any conversations about this [until now], and granted, they just told me on Friday. But not only are we trying to [find a new network], I really believe the Starz executives when they say they want to see a future for the show too, because they did invest a lot in the show… I really do think it’s going to have a life someplace else.”

It sounds like season two ended on a massive cliffhanger for Jack Spade and the DWL, and O’Malley says, “We did not intend, nor do we intend, for this to be the last episode of the show.”

Keep hope alive, Heels fans.

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