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CMLL Roundup: Night of Champions lineup, KeMonito trademark battle, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

The needle mover was the announcement of a new alliance between CMLL, MLW, and NJPW. CMLL broke the news. They added that CMLL wrestlers will be appearing in MLW and vice versa. No specific details were revealed. It is likely that the arrangement begins for MLW’s Slaughterhouse event on October 14.

CMLL revealed the Night of Champions lineup, as voted on by fans.

  • CMLL World Welterweight Championship: Titan (c) vs. Mascara Dorado
  • Mexican National Trios Championship: Dulce Gardenia, Espiritu Negro, & Rey Cometa (c) vs. Disturbio, Apocalipsis, & Cholo
  • World Historic Middleweight Championship: Mistico (c) vs. Virus
  • CMLL World Mini-Estrella Championship: Mercurio (c) vs. Pierrothito
  • CMLL World Women’s Championship: Stephanie Vaquer vs. La Catalina for the vacant title
  • CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship: Barbaro Cavernario (c) vs. Esfinge

CMLL’s Night of Champions event takes place Friday, September 29. The broadcast will be available for live viewing through Boletia and their video service with Neerme. The purchase allows for viewing up to 48 hours after the show. An alternative is to wait nine days for the event to be posted on the CMLL YouTube subscription membership.

In other news, KeMonito announced his departure from CMLL. He has started a legal battle in an attempt to secure the trademark rights for his character.

The man under the mask desires to retire due to health reasons. KeMonito wants to use the character to earn outside money in his retirement. CMLL claims ownership of the character and doesn’t want to retire the character. KeMonito is fighting back with accusations of low wages, poor treatment, and discrimination over the years.

CMLL responded in an official statement denying the negative accusations. They confirmed ownership of the KeMonito intellectual property and their wishes to continue featuring the character after the luchador retires. They are open to negotiations with KeMonito to resume with CMLL.

Closing with lucha libre highlights of the legends torneo cibernetico in honor of National Lucha Libre Day. The teams were drawn with Octagon, El Satanico, Solar, Black Terry, El Felino, & Aguila Solitaria battling against Atlantis, Blue Panther, Panterita Del Ring, El Pantera, Negro Navarro, & Rocky Santana. In the end, Atlantis submitted Octagon for ultimate victory. There were some pretty snazzy sequences giving glimpses of days gone past from their prime.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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