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MLW Roundup: Salina de la Renta takes credit for CMLL alliance, spree of kidnappings, more!

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Time to catch up on the week in news from the world of Major League Wrestling.

It starts with a bombshell. MLW announced a partnership with CMLL and NJPW for a variety of crossover collaborations starting in October. Salina de la Renta is taking credit for the hookup to CMLL. La Empresaria made the impossible possible, however, she taunted that this arrangement comes at a price. Salina can never be trusted. We’ll see what she has in store for the Slaughterhouse event on October 14, where she has teased bringing in new luchadores to MLW.

Behind the scenes, rumors are spinning that MLW’s new relationship with CMLL means they won’t be working with AAA for the time being. CMLL and AAA are rival lucha libre promotions in Mexico. Based on MLW storylines, these rumors seem to check out.

The point of evidence is a spree of kidnappings in the MLW locker room. It started long ago with Cesar Duran. John Morrison was next. Taya Valkyrie disappeared as well, but she was not abducted. Those three are likely not related to CMLL. It’s more a case of moving on to different pastures, such as AEW.

The kidnappings continued last week on MLW Fusion (episode 183). Sam Adonis was abducted by masked goons.

Microman went missing during the show, and it was revealed that Salina stuffed him in a sack to send back to Mexico. Also of note, she is holding special trinkets made famous by Duran, alias Dario Cueto. The implication is clear that Salina masterminded these kidnappings as payback.

Microman is a fan favorite attraction in MLW. He hasn’t participated much with AAA recently, but he is clearly on CMLL’s naughty list for leaving their promotion to wrestle for the competitors. Adonis is the bigger tell. He is currently AAA’s top rudo after feuding with Psycho Clown and losing his hair at Triplemania XXXI. Without this CMLL partnership, there is no reason for MLW to cut ties with Adonis.

Moving forward, the next step of this alliance will be at the Slaughterhouse event in Philadelphia on October 14. Salina vowed to return with luchadores to take over MLW once again.

In other Slaughterhouse news, MLW announced a bout for the World Featherweight Championship. B3CCA is in line for a shot at Delmi Exo and the gold.

This match comes on the bogus claims from B3CCA and Mister Saint Laurent about Exo undergoing plastic surgery, because the champ is afraid to show her face.

The Slaughterhouse lineup for October 14 currently includes:

  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
  • Jacob Fatu vs. Minoru Suzuki
  • Chamber of Horrors: Mance Warner & Matthew Justice vs. The Calling’s Talon & Cannonball
  • MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship: Delmi Exo (c) vs. B3CCA

The live show will be available for streaming through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

Moving over to television programming, Akira battled Matthew Justice in the main event for episode 183 of MLW Fusion. The Second Gear Crew pumped up their pal. Mance Warner preached about fucking around and finding out.

The action was physical. Justice dumped Akira for a Death Valley Driver onto an open chair. Akira repaid the violence with a sunset flip bomb onto an open chair.

The match was ruled a No Contest when the Calling and the Second Gear Crew rumbled into chaos. The show closed with Rickey Shane Page climbing a ladder for a flying splash onto Manders through a table.

In other action, Ichiban defeated Nolo Kitano on a jumping flatliner counter to intercept a springboard move. This contest was a nifty display of athleticism. Love, Doug defeated Little Guido. Guido tried to hit Doug with a guitar, but Doug clotheslined the musical instrument into Guido’s face for the win. Afterward, B3CCA smashed cake in Doug’s face. The object of his affection eludes him once again.

On the promo tip, Matt Cardona came to MLW for buzz, money, and gold.

Rickey Shane Page gloated about all his prophecies coming true. He is the golden king as a double champ. RSP was baptized in fire by Raven himself.

Mance Warner presented blueprints to Court Bauer for the Chamber of Horrors match.

Last on the list is words from Don King in support of Alex Kane. King is rooting for Kane to take Davey Boy Smith Jr. to Suplex Island.

Share your thoughts on the happenings in MLW.

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