Cageside Seats NXT Prediction Contest: NXT No Mercy

Welcome back! Just like that, we are back with another installment of the Cageside Seats NXT Prediction Contest. This time, we head to sunny California for NXT No Mercy! And with that, Mackaymackay looks to put the title on the line as the rest of the field looks to dethrone the defending champion. Let’s get right into it!

Here are the current top 5:

78 Points – Mackaymackay

61 Points – artistformelyknownasgoose, bradkerlin

59 Points – TayKZY

56 Points - DustyVita

Here are the rules:

All picks will be entered using the link provided below. Any type of victory (pin, submission, count out, DQ) counts. For multi person matches or tag team matches, should you choose to pick the match ends in a DQ or countout, please still specify who gets DQ/counted out and who wins because of it.

For any fill in the blank answers, please only write in the name of the wrestler, team, or move. Do Not add any additional comments!! Writing in any extra comments will get your answer thrown out and you will receive no points!

If the match has multiple questions, you will receive 1 bonus point for answering every question correctly.

+3 Points for anyone who correctly predicts the winner of every match.

Remember: there will be +10 points added to your overall score for the season for anyone who wins multiple contests within the season.

If stipulations are added at the show, they will not be included.

The current Champion (Mackaymackay) is allowed one Freebie on picking the winner of match that is only worth 1 point.

You will be able to wager up to 10 points on the wager question. If you are correct, they will be added to your score. If you are wrong, they will be deducted from your score. You must wager at least one point on the question.

As with the WWE, the championship cannot change hands on a tie. If Mackaymackay ties with anyone for the lead, the tiebreaker will not be used and they will retain their championship. If anyone else ties for the lead, then the tiebreaker will be enforced. Thus the champion does not need to make a tiebreaker pick.

The person with the most points wins.



NXT No Mercy

Bron Breakker vs. Baron Corbin

1 Point – Who wins?

2 Points – How many spears will Bron Breakker hit?

2 Points – Will Baron Corbin hit the Deep Six more than once?

3 Points – Will Bron Breakker kick out of the End of Days?

NXT Heritage Cup: Noam Dar vs.

1 Point – Who wins?

2 Points – Will the match go to the sixth round?

3 Points – Who wins the first fall?

3 Points – Who wins the second fall?

4 Points – During which round will the first fall occur?

4 Points – During which round will the second fall occur?

4 Points – How many rounds will finish without a fall?

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Family (c) vs. OTM vs. The Creed Brothers vs. Los Lotharios

2 Points – Who wins?

3 Points – Who scores the winning fall?

3 Points – Who suffers the deciding fall?

4 Points – Name two competitors who will start the match

6 Points – Who will tag into the match first?

NXT North American Championship: Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Trick Williams

1 Point – Who wins?

2 Points – Will Rhea Ripley appear during the match?

2 Points – Will Dragon Lee take a ref bump during the match? (From either intentional or unintentional contact)

NXT Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Tiffany Stratton

1 Point – Who wins?

2 Points – Who will be the first woman to use a weapon?

3 Points – How many total chairs will be used during the match?

4 Points – What will be the first weapon used that is not a chair?

NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov

1 Point – Who wins?

2 Points – Will Carmelo Hayes hit the First 48 more than once?

2 Points – Will Trick Williams appear during the match?

3 Points – How long will the match last?

Bonus: Will Jade Cargill appear on screen during the show?

Wager Question: What will be the third longest match of the night?

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