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RVD is retiring the idea of retiring

All Elite Wrestling

Pro wrestling retirements have become a running joke. The late, great Terry Funk essentially made it part of his gimmick in back third of his career. Every battle royal from the Royal Rumble to the Cluster**** has at least a couple of wrestlers who previously said they’d hung up the boots. Ric Flair is probably planning another farewell match as I write this.

Seems like those strands were in the old Duder’s head when Chris Van Vliet asked Rob Van Dam if he ever thinks about how much longer he’ll be able to wrestle:

“Not really. I mean, sometimes the thought goes through my head like if I’m having a bad travel day for instance: ‘I’m done. I hate this. I just want to be home. Traveling sucks.’ I’ll have those moments inside my head, but they usually don’t last that long.

“And I used to think I was going to retire, that was like several years ago, and I thought I was probably close to hanging the boots up. And now I just don’t even think I will. I think I’ll be like Dory Funk Jr. I may quit taking bookings, but I don’t think I’m going to make a big deal out of being retired because the credibility of wrestlers retiring is so blown anyway, you know?”

RVD did say that Sabu used to pitch him on a retirement tour idea that sounded cool. But since his old ECW running buddy had to “finish up” before him, that’s off the table.

So why not keep rolling out the Rolling Thunder? The 52 year old’s looked pretty solid in his two recent AEW outings, so we don’t see why not.

Let us know what you think, and check out RVD’s entire conversation with Van Vliet here.

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