Tag Team Weekly Roundup and Power Ratings: The Street Profits take a step back to move forward

While the team has all the potential in the world, something was a bit lacking in the story of the Street Profits joining forces with Bobby Lashely. Admittedly, who wouldn’t want to dress in fabulous clothes and live in style, but as a motivation the pairing needed more depth – especially if they were going to veer heelwards.

We finally got some movement in that direction in the form of a loss on Friday. A loss that moves a storyline forward isn’t a bad thing in the long term, and Bobby trying to help them win by cheating, only for Angelo Dawkins to hesitate in capitalizing and get rolled up by Rey Mysterio, hit all the marks. Lashley letting them know he needed more out of them afterward really laid the foundation for what’s needed.

Until now, we’ve seen some heelish – or at least aggressive – behavior out of Lashley, Dawkins and Montez Ford, but they were still getting cheered and you couldn’t really see much of a change. This allows the Profits to explore their motivations and whether it’s worth taking shortcuts to overcome their plateau.

It’s likely the answer here is yes. Whether it will take another loss or two to get there is still the question, but at least we finally have a roadmap to something not only interesting but potentially taking this trio (or, if they want to turn Bianca Belair heel, quartet) to the top.

The following Tag Team Power Rankings take into account wins, power and placement of segments, recentness of appearances, creative direction and momentum for teams and factions.

WWE Tag Team Power Rankings through Sept. 22:

1. Judgment Day (last week: 1)

Pro: Damian Priest and Finn Balor remain double tag champs, Rhea Ripley women's champ and Dom Mysterio NXT North American title titleholder, while Priest remains Senor Money in the Bank. Dominik can now crow about a (DQ) victory over Carmelo Hayes.
Con: Dom also took a fairly quick loss to Cody Rhodes.

2. The Bloodline (not ranked)

Pro: Even without Roman Reigns around, they're back to doing Bloodline things, including laying out John Cena and making AJ Styles do a stretcher job.
Con: Without Roman around, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso are calling their own shots, and Paul Heyman doesn't exactly seem thrilled about it.

3. Latino World Order (not ranked)

Pro: Rey Mysterio remains US Champion and faces fellow LWO member Santos Escobar in what should be a great match. Moreover, they picked up a big win over Street Profits this week to move the latter's story forward.
Con: Will these two friends be able to maintain their bond with gold on the line?

4. The D'Angelo Family (3)

Pro: Still NXT men's tag champs.
Con: Still just doing backstage segments.

5. New Day (not ranked)

Pro: Kofi Kingston picked up a win over Ivar in a very entertaining match.
Con: The New Day-Viking Raiders program could use a good match to finally wrap it up.

6. Street Profits and Bobby Lashley (2)

Pro: This storyline is finally getting some depth.
Con: Took a loss to do so.

7. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory (not ranked)

Pro: Looked great in picking up a win over Brawling Brutes, and WWE might have something in this egotistical pair.
Con: Even with this win, this newer pairing has a lot of teams to climb over to get near the top.

8. Gallus (not ranked)

Pro: Joe Coffey won a thrilling three-way to advance in Group B of the Global Heritage Cup Invitational.
Con: He needs a good run to become the upper midcarder he's sometimes appeared to be.

9. Imperium (4)

Pro: Gunther's still Gunther, and the Intercontinental Champ.
Con: Tomasso Ciampa is champing at the bit to challenge the Ring General, getting a win over the slumping Giovanni Vinci.

10. Chelsea Green and Piper Niven (8)

Pro: Still the women's tag champs. Don't look now, but Chelsea's turning into one of the MVPs of Raw with great all-around work.
Con: Had their match with Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark turn into a no contest because WWE had to make Nia Jax look strong.

Tag Team Segment of the Week: To reiterate that lead-in, we might have seen the loss Street Profits needed to lead to some big wins down the road.

Grade: B+

We saw a lot of stories get going and team and faction members getting time.

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