WWE Talent Cuts: A Tutorial on Symbolic Magic

Hi, folks. We're all upset about some of the people WWE has chosen to release lately. Some of my favorites who might have been "on the bubble" are still there, so I've consulted with some of the brujas on the indigenous side of my family and developed a ritual to ensure that they don't get "future endeavored." Write their name on a standard Post-it Note and then set it on fire and let it burn to ashes. (It doesn't have to be a Post-it Note, any small piece of combustible, quasi-2D material, such as a napkin will do.) And then they will be ok! It will work if you really believe in it! But under no circumstances should you mention their name in the comments to this post. Anyone you mention in the comments here will definitely be cut. At least it will if you believe in it. So if you really want to see someone gone from WWE write their name in the comments. And believe in it.

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