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CMLL Roundup: 90th Anniversary results, Dragon Rojo Jr. loses mask vs. mask, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

CMLL held their biggest event of the year with the 90th Anniversary (Sep. 16, 2023). This show often coincides close to Mexico’s Independence Day.

The main event attraction was mask versus mask between Dragon Rojo Jr. and Templario. Dragon Rojo attacked his opponent during introductions. Templario rallied back to make it a fight. Dragon Rojo wrestled aggressively with a variety of near falls, but Templario surged in the end for an avalanche powerbomb and a package piledriver to win. Dragon Rojo was consoled by his family. He pulled off his mask to reveal his face and true name, Anselmo Rivas Castro.

Enjoy the highlight package of the mask versus mask main event.

The semi-main was a four-way competition for hair versus hair. Volador Jr. & Angel de Oro were rivals in tag team action against rivals Ultimo Guerrero & Averno. The winners earned the right to face off in the lucha de apuestas. Averno couldn’t get along with his enemy, so he unloaded clotheslines to Ultimo Guerrero. That turncoat move directly led to their defeat. Volador Jr. and Angel de Oro advanced to the hair versus hair bout.

Angel gained the edge early by swinging Volador into the barricade suffering a legitimate shoulder injury. Volador grit through the pain to rebound for victory on a Mexican Destroyer. Volador earned the spoils of combat through Angel’s haircut.

Rocky Romero, TJP, & Kevin Knight arrived as American bandidos against the Mexican all-stars Mistico, Mascara Dorada, & Atlantis Jr.

The CMLL crew bested the NJPW representatives. Atlantis Jr. unleashed a flurry of backbreakers in the third fall. That led to a triple dive to the outside. CMLL finished with signature moves. Mascara Dorada pinned Knight on a shooting star press, Atlantis Jr. submitted TJP on the Atlantida torture rack, and Mistico made Rocky tap on the Mistica armbar for the official win.

Two-thirds of the Lucha House Party were in the house when Lince Dorado & Samuray del Sol battled Titan & Soberano Jr. The veterans showed the rising stars that they still have the strut. A super rana from Lince sent Soberano crashing into Titan. The Lucha House Party pounced to finish the third fall with a shooting star press and a 450 splash double pin.

Legends were on tap for trios action with Atlantis, Octagon, & Blue Panther against El Satanico, Fuerza Guerrera, & Virus. Blue Panther ignited the spark for victory in the third fall by leaping off the ramp for a flying crossbody on the outside. Inside the ring, Atlantis scored a roll-up and Octagon secured a submission for the double win.

Rugido and Esfinge competed in the tournament final for the Independence Cup. Esfinge landed a pair of springboard splashes to set up a bridging cruceta pin for victory.

Zeuxis & Stephanie Vaquer became the inaugural winners of the CMLL Women’s World Tag Team Championship after defeating Lluvia & La Jarochita. Zeuxis and Vaquer executed a double pin off a backbreaker and a package piledriver.

The 90th Anniversary show received positive reviews overall. The replay will be available in about a week on CMLL’s paid subscription YouTube channel.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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