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MLW Roundup: Slaughterhouse double main event Fatu vs. Suzuki & Kane world title defense, more!

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Time to catch up on the week in news from the world of Major League Wrestling.

A double main event has been announced for the Slaughterhouse event. Jacob Fatu requested a dream fight with Minoru Suzuki, and that wish was granted. MLW signed off to make it official.

Alex Kane held a press conference, but he was interrupted by Mister Saint Laurent angling on behalf of Davey Boy Smith Jr. for a title shot. Kane didn’t back down. He choked out Smith before, and he’ll do it again.

MLW made the match official for Slaughterhouse. Alex Kane will defend the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Slaughterhouse goes live on Saturday, October 14 in Philadelphia, PA. The show will be available for streaming through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

Let’s hit a double dose of recap for MLW Fusion.

The World Titan Federation was a primary focus for episode 181. Mister Saint Laurent lamented about the bite marks on his foot from Mance Warner. MSL claimed he had to visit a veterinarian to receive rabies shots. He vowed revenge on Warner and the Second Gear Crew.

MSL also introduced Snisky as the newest member of WTF. Snisky squashed Yoscifer El to win via chokeslam. Later in the show, Microman led the Mane Event to defeat Little Guido & Ray Jaz of the FBI and Jesus (Ricardo) Rodriguez. A Vader bomb did the trick for Microman to earn the W. Sam Adonis entered the scene to badmouth Microman. That led to an ambush from Snisky to double chokeslam the Mane Event. MSL led punting practice in the ring, and Snisky sized up Microman for a kick. The Second Gear Crew stormed the ring for the save.

The main event was a cross-promotion hoss fight between Shigehiro Irie and Calvin Tankman for the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship. Aggressive offense was on tap. Irie took the best Tankman could dish out and rallied in the end for a cannonball into the ropes and a hefty lariat to win.

On the promo tip, MLW profiled the Spirit of Bomaye for Alex Kane’s journey to winning the MLW World Championship.

Moving forward to episode 182 of MLW Fusion.

The beef between WTF and SGC continued when Sam Adonis wrestled Microman in singles action. Ole Mancer preached a pep talk about celebrating with beer and mamacitas.

Adonis was intent on beating respect into his adversary, but Microman’s fighting spirit was strong. Microman got in the groove for a tijeras takedown. On the cover, Snisky pulled the referee out of the ring. The match was waved off.

Snisky tried to punt Microman, and the SGC made the save again. Warner and his pals helped set up Microman for a flying splash onto Adonis. Mancer made the three-count for the unofficial pinfall. Cold beers were the beverage of choice in celebration.

In other action, Ichiban defeated TJ Crawford, and B3CCA defeated Tiara James. Ichiban rallied for a satellite DDT and a jumping flatliner to win. B3CCA handled business with a 450 splash for victory.

Salina de la Renta caused chaos backstage with threats not to mess with her. Look what happened to Cesar Duran and his luchadores being kidnapped. Salina teased dropping a bombshell.

Later, Salina interrupted Jacob Fatu in the middle of hyping his match against Minoru Suzuki for Slaughterhouse. She promised Fatu that receipts are coming for his past mistreatment of her.

We’ll close with a fun sighting for Salina out in the real world. She was a participant in a new game show hosted by Rob Lowe. Keep your eyes peeled for La Empresaria in the teaser for The Floor.

Share your thoughts on the happenings in MLW.

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