PWI 500 Single-Elimination Tournament - 1998 - Second Round

Welcome back! Had ourselves a handful of upsets in the first round. But upsets are what make these tournaments more entertaining.

And now, without any further ado, on to the second round!

A link to the bracket can be found below.


  1. Voting will last at least a week per round.
  2. Each user may vote on all that round's matchups only once. If any user tries to vote twice, only their first post will be counted.
  3. At the end of the voting period, scores will be tallied and a new fanpost will be made for the next round.
  4. In the case of a tie, the wrestler with the higher seed will advance.

It will begin on Monday 9/18 at 6:30am ET and continue until Sunday 9/24 at 11:59pm ET.



1991 - Ric Flair over Macho Man Randy Savage

2015 (Mens) - A.J. Styles over Roman Reigns



Upper Left Quadrant

1 Steve Austin vs 33 Sabu

48 Bam Bam Bigelow vs 49 Shawn Michaels

24 Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs 9 Jushin Liger

40 Bret Hart vs 8 Ken Shamrock


Lower Left Quadrant

4 Diamond Dallas Page vs 36 Taz

20 Ultimo Dragon vs 13 Tatsumi Fujinami

21 Kane vs 12 Sting

28 Eddy Guerrero vs 5 The Undertaker


Upper Right Quadrant

2 Goldberg vs 31 The Giant

18 El Hijo Del Santo vs 15 Owen Hart

42 Fit Finlay vs 10 Chris Jericho

26 Mick Foley vs 7 Booker T


Lower Right Quadrant

3 Mitsuhara Misawa vs 35 Dean Malenko

19 Chris Benoit vs 14 Rob Van Dam

22 Taka Michinoku vs 11 Rocky Maivia

27 Jun Akiyama vs 6 Kenta Kobashi

1998 Bracket - Round Two

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