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EC3 calls out rival for NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship defense at Samhain PPV

EC3 is leading the National Wrestling Alliance into his hometown of Cleveland, OH for the Samhain PPV on October 28. The Over Man called out a rival to challenge for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in the main event. The person in question is Thom Latimer.

For those who have been following the NWA, EC3’s opponent came as no surprise. Latimer plainly stated his intentions after defending the NWA TV championship for the seventh time to qualify for the Lucky Seven rule to cash in for a world title shot. Latimer shared his plan after defeating Chris Adonis at NWA 75.

EC3 knew Latimer was coming for the Ten Pounds of Gold. The Over Man didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, so he called out Latimer to discuss business on the latest episode of Powerrr (#182).

The meeting was pretty simple. EC3 is on a quest to become the greatest NWA world champ of all-time, and Latimer is step one on the way to accomplishing that feat.

Before Latimer could deliver a firm yes, Kamille interrupted to bad mouth EC3. He acts like an anti-establishment hero, but she claimed the reality is that EC3 is an ass kisser known for politicking with the boss, such as Dixie Carter in TNA and now Billy Corgan in the NWA. Kamile doesn’t view EC3 as a savior. He’s just a freak that saw an opening and took advantage.

EC3 replied with respect for the greatness of Kamille as former NWA women’s world champion. She carried the title for over 800 days, but it only took one mistake to end her reign. EC3 advised Kamille not to make that mistake for Latimer.

Latimer piped up to say there will be no mistakes. He’ll see see EC3 in Cleveland for the main event would title bout at Samhain. The match was made.

EC3 and Latimer have history in the NWA. When EC3 first arrived to the promotion, his target was Latimer. EC3 was working his Control Your Narrative gimmick trying to elevate Latimer beyond his personal demons into greatness. EC3 won that feud when Latimer couldn’t control his rage. That angle will likely be revisited in the build-up and in the PPV match itself.

Are you on board for EC3 versus Thom Latimer for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship as the PPV main event at Samhain?

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