AEW Stock Report: Sept. 4-10

All Elite Wrestling

Welcome to the AEW Stock Report, a look at three wrestlers, teams, or groups whose stock is trending down and three whose stock is trending up over the past week in All Elite Wrestling.

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AEW finally got to pump the brakes and slow down a little bit as there wasn’t a PPV event this week. There was, however, still plenty going on as they dealt with the aftermath of All In and All Out while also setting things up moving forward. Let’s get into it.

Stock Down #1: Aussie Open

Everything was looking up for Aussie Open less than two months ago. Mark Davis had just returned from injury and the team quickly won the ROH Tag Team Titles at Death Before Dishonor. They were champions for just over a month, though, as they lost the belts at All In to everybody’s favorite "can they coexist" team of MJF and Adam Cole. They then failed to lock down a rematch after losing a battle royal won by the Dark Order. This week, they fell to another tumultuous tag team when they lost to Le Sex Gods. Fletcher and Davis are a talented team, so I don’t expect them to stay down for long, but losing the belts and now losing to advance the storyline of a team that will be fighting each other at Grand Slam is a tough pill to swallow.

Stock Down #2: The Outcasts

Ruby Soho was a Stock Down last week, and she’s back this week. This time, the concern is the future of her group moving forward. Ruby’s ready to fight Toni Storm for costing her the TBS Title, Toni’s gone off the deep end and doesn’t even remember doing so, and Saraya’s too enamored with her new belt to really seem to care. While I guess it’s in line with her new gimmick, I didn’t care for Toni’s non-explanation for All Out. For the first time in a while, the group didn’t get a lot of time this week; and their splinter was highlighted by the fact that Toni was solo on Dynamite, while Ruby and Saraya were together but in very different moods on Collision. Whether the infighting costs Saraya the title or the three end up fighting each other for it, the Outcasts’ time at the top of the women’s division together appears to be coming to an end.

Stock Down #3: Jay Lethal

2023 hasn’t been great for Jay, as he’s seen a lot of chances at gold (seven title shots, seven! and three #1 contender matches) and came up short in every one of them. After losing a match for the Trios titles with Jeff Jarrett and Friends at All Out, Lethal lost a shot at the AEW World Title when he lost to Penta in the opening round of the tournament to determine MJF’s challenger at Grand Slam. Lethal is a multiple time champion, owns an impressive list of career accomplishments, and is, surprisingly, only 38 years old. I bring that up because his running mate Jeff Jarrett is 56. While just being on tv for carny hijinks is a lot of fun and great for Jarrett at his age, Lethal should still be contending for gold. Dropping the dead weight of a past his prime partner and a faction of goofs that rarely interferes successfully would be a good first step for Lethal if he ever wants to be a champion again.

Stock Up #1: Kris Statlander

Stat pulled double duty this week and defended the TBS Title on Dynamite and Collision this week after retaining against Soho at All Out. She’s putting in work as champion, as she has now piled up 11 successful defenses in just over 3 months as champion. The big news for her this week, though, was the return of Jade Cargill. Statlander’s reign so far has been active, but not particularly memorable. So while she ended up on the receiving end of Jaded on Collision, she found herself a hot feud with a worthy challenger in the former champion, a champion Statlander "beat" not because of skill but opportunism and Jade’s hubris. This rematch was always going to be necessary for Kris to legitimize her championship, and now she’ll get that shot.

Stock Up #2: Roderick Strong

This week’s stock reversal comes from Strong. Sad Roddy was a Stock Down two weeks ago. He’s still sad, but his sadness has taken on a new form and given him a purpose, to do what Adam Cole couldn’t and beat MJF to become AEW World Champion. He’s one step away from getting his chance, as he won both of his matches this week to make it to the tournament finals. He’s also showing a darker side in interview segments AEW started showing. He doesn’t say anything particularly noteworthy, but his delivery with the Kingdom perched behind him comes off a little crazy, kind of chilling, and really intriguing, in my opinion. He has given up on ever being happy with his friend again, and now he just wants to get back at Cole by hurting his new brochacho and taking the AEW title. Good stuff. I would’ve held off on giving Roddy a Stock Up until after the tournament, but he got a couple of nice wins in his return to the ring, his character work has been great, and also….

Stock Up #3: Samoa Joe

…he faces Samoa Joe in the finals. Joe’s parlayed a condescending shove of a security guard back in the day into a pretty heated feud with AEW champion MJF in the present. Joe came out on Dynamite to interrupt the champ and get further under his skin after All Out. He got the better of the little bitch kid on the mic and then left the injured Max in worse shape when it got physical. If Joe beats Strong in the finals, this face version of MJF may be swimming in deep waters. Joe presents a completely different challenge physically than Danielson, Cole, or the Pillars did. He’s already in Max’s head, and Joe might be scummier than MJF as the people’s scumbag. I can’t help but wonder if Cole’s friendship has softened the Devil some. An eye poke to pop the crowd isn’t going to cut it. Add on the injury concerns, and MJF’s days with the BBB may be numbered.

Tony Khan, this is your chance to atone for past mistakes booking hosses. Give the big guy the belt. I don’t know if now’s the time or if Joe should be the guy, but they could do worse and I’d like to see it. Considering his WWE run ended with him broken down and doing commentary, Joe’s enjoying a really impressive late career run with AEW/ROH regardless of how this shakes out.

That’s it. Did I miss any major risers or fallers this week? Who’s going to win the chance to face MJF at Grand Slam?

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