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NWA Powerrr recap: EC3 speaks for first time as worlds champ in new era

The National Wrestling Alliance ushered in a new era after eight championships changed hands at NWA 75. The most prominent was EC3 winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to send Tyrus into retirement.

The NWA kicked off Powerrr (episode 124) celebrating this new era. Aside from new champions, production received a boost with a poetic intro video package, updated style for match graphics, greater gusto on entrances, and a sleek studio stage.

Some aspects were one step forward, two steps back. NWA previously didn’t use entrance music. While this episode jammed in some tunes, it sounds cheaply dubbed over the live sounds.

The primary draw for Powerrr was EC3 with the Ten Pounds of Gold. The worlds champ delivered his first promo as the Over Man.

EC3 was fond of himself as a Greek tragedy, but he also sounded a bit like Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham when describing his mission to defend the title anywhere and everywhere.

EC3: 75 years of the most perfect legacy in professional wrestling. 75 years of the most notable brand in professional wrestling. 75 years of nostalgia, history, honor, respect. 75 years to come to this moment to actualize this exact moment where here I stand giving NWA the perfect ending.

Because, now, we move forward. We look forward to the future. We see that there is a new era upon us. An age of antiquity. An age of EC3. Dare I say, the Over Man era has begun.

75 years had the perfect ending. Tyrus’ career had the perfect ending. The Over Man does not wrestle matches. He delivers Greek freaking tragedies. Perfect moment begins today. This new era, this day, and here I stand as the NWA worlds heavyweight champion, and, as the NWA worlds heavyweight champion, I will defend this title everywhere.

I will take this title to the beaches. I will take this title to the streets. I will take this title to land, to sea, to air. I will fight for this title in the third-dimension, fourth-dimension, fifth-dimension. I will defend this title on Mars.

This, the Over Man era, has begun. As the worlds heavyweight champion, I actualized, became who I am supposed to be. But, who do I want to be? The greatest NWA champion of all-time. The guy that can out-woo Flair. The guy can spit more fire than Steamboat. The guy that can suffer harder times than Dusty Rhodes, because hard times create strong men. And nobody is stronger and harder than the Over Man.

To become the best, I have to defend against the best.

EC3 proceeded to call out Thom Latimer for a meeting next week. It seems likely that Latimer will be the first title defense for EC3. Latimer has accomplished the Lucky Seven rule with the NWA TV title, so he can cash in the belt for a world title shot. NWA’s next PPV is Samhain on October 28 in Cleveland, OH. EC3 versus Latimer would be a fitting main event.

Max The Impaler opened the show defending the women’s TV title against Taylor Rising. Max smashed the challenger, but Rising was able to rally with a chop block and a snap rana. Max had enough and flattened Rising with a ferocious lariat to win. This is Max’s second title defense for the Lucky Seven rule. Afterward, Max dished out more pain. Natalia Markova ran in for the save.

The main event was six-man tag action. Kerry Morton, Thrillbilly Silas Mason, and Alex Taylor represented the Southern 6 against Wrecking Ball Legursky, Matt Vine, and The Fixer of The Fixers, LLC. Silas and Wrecking Ball engaged in a big man showdown with Thrilllbilly scoring a back suplex. In the end, Thrillbilly shed off a dropkick from The Fixer and crushed him with a lariat. Silas booted Wrecking Ball off the apron, then he tagged in Morton for a jumping knee strike to pin The Fixer.

In other action, the Immortals defeated the Outrunners. Competitive match. Kratos blasted a huge shoulder tackle knocking Turbo Floyd out of the ring. Odinson finished Truth Magnum on a teamwork elevated flying European uppercut. The Immortals are working toward a shot at the US tag titles.

Brady Pierce manhandled Rolando Freeman in a clash of former teammates. Pierce turned on the Spectaculars. Rolando showed heart, but he was no match for the specimen across the ring. Pierce closed with a flying elbow drop to win.

On the promo tip, Aron Stevens justified his actions at NWA 75 by claiming Trevor Murdoch tried to assault him, so he reacted in self-defense to land a loaded punch. The reality was that Stevens clearly cheated for his team, Blunt Force Trauma.

The Pretty Empowered trio hold the women’s world and tag titles. Kenzie Paige took a shot at Kamille by claiming to be the real one-time champ. Zicky Dice is back in the NWA with an eye on the TV championship. Outlandish equals ratings. Koa Laxamana wants to prove his value as a challenger to Colby Corino for the junior heavyweight championship.

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