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Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J reveals new theme song for NWA clowns ahead of Vampiro’s debut

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Violent J is bringing juggalo fever to the NWA as one-half of Insane Clown Posse when he arrives to manage the Brothers of Funstruction at NWA 75. Violent J got a head start on the hype train by releasing the new theme song for Yabo The Clown and Ruffo The Clown.

Press play, and jam the day away. Or not. This style of music won’t please everyone’s aural palate.

The one verse of any value states:

Yabo and Ruffo goofing with silly string confetti,

Leaving bruises on these fools with moves as sharp as a machete,

Whoop Whop and act stupid,

But the truth is you ain’t ready for the Brothers of Funstruction.

Violent J mentions going for gold in the NWA. The team that stands at the top is managed by Vampiro. Dun, dun, dun, drama thickens.

The former JCW heavyweight champion has hitched his wagon to Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf. La Rebelion are two-time holders of the NWA World Tag Team Championship with their current reign clocking in at 345 days and counting.

It sure seems like there will be an eventual clash between Violent J and Vampiro as managers of these tag team units, however, we may have to wait for that treat. La Rebelion could be booked all weekend during NWA 75. They have a title defense on Night 1 against Blunt Force Trauma managed by Aron Stevens, and the winners advance for a defense against Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch on Night 2. If La Rebelion loses that first match, then it could open the door for competition against Yabo and Ruffo.

La Rebelion and the Brothers of Funstruction are already mixing it up on NWA Powerrr. The latest episode saw Vampiro make his in-ring debut for this program. Trios action was on tap in the main event with the clowns joined by Mario Pardua.

Vampiro was an active participant in the match. He started the bout on the receiving end of a body slam. Chops led to shoulder tackles for a stalemate, and Vampiro tagged out. Vamp bent the rules on the outside for illegal attacks. La Rebelion were aggressive in their offense on the clowns. Ruffo roared on the hot tag with clotheslines to La Rebelion and a sidewalk slam to Vampiro. That rally was cut short thanks to Vampiro striking with a Michinoku driver on Pardua to win.

While there is no officially announced showdown yet between La Rebelion managed by Vampiro and the Brothers of Funstruction managed by Violent J, the wind is blowing that way.

Whoop, whoop!

NWA 75 is a two-night PPV event on August 26 and August 27 in St. Louis, MO. NWA 75 will be available for streaming through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2).

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