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Athena gives Diamante a free pass on ROH TV

Athena is a fighting champion, and Diamante was next on the list to challenge for the ROH Women’s Championship.

Diamante came strong to clobber Athena whenever the champ showboated.

Athena is the champ for a reason though. She was a step quicker throughout. For example, Athena was ripe for the picking, but she snapped out her daze to catch a crossbody to counter for a powerslam on the floor. Athena’s anger was ignited, and she body slammed Diamante into the barricade.

Athena continued to use her surroundings to her advantage by forcing Diamante to crash into the turnbuckles to set up a Side Effect on the apron.

Diamante never backed down. She blocked an O-Face flying stunner to work for a rolling German suplex.

Diamante went for a flying attack, but Athena was back on track to deliver a big kick to the face. Athena applied a crossface submission. As Diamante reached for the ropes, Athena rolled the position to the center of the ring. Diamante was able to escape to leaning for a roll-up. Athena was quicker to rise, and she unloaded a thrust kick. The champ bridged over the top on a pin to win.

A curious thing happened after the match. Athena was ready to inflict more pain, as is usual for those porcelain hussies that she beats. Athena looked Diamante in the eyes and decided to give her a free pass.

Backstage, Athena explained that she saw fire in Diamante. It reminded Athena of herself, but Diamante isn’t there yet. Athena advised ‘Diabla’ that she has what it takes to succeed but something is missing.

Athena and Diamante had a rugged contest, which could end up building a rivalry. Athena is so active that she is burning through opponents. The promo scene helped put over Diamante for an eventual rematch down the line.

What would you like to see from Diamante moving forward in ROH?

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