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John Morrison was kidnapped in MLW

It felt like old times with the reunion of Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto), John Morrison (aka Johnny Mundo), and Taya Valkyrie in the world of MLW. The group was on top of the world with Johnny and Taya as champs, Sam Adonis living large, and Duran counting the money. Their world quickly crumbled with craziness reminiscent of Lucha Underground.

It started when Duran was kidnapped back in March.

The Azteca Lucha crew had been fishing for hints of Duran’s whereabouts. That heavy toll must have weighed as a distraction on the minds of Johnny and Taya. It wouldn’t be long before Morrison lost the MLW National Openweight Championship to Jacob Fatu. Taya followed that by dropping the MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship to Delmi Exo.

Things went from bad to worse when Morrison was kidnapped on the latest episode of MLW Fusion from Tijuana, Mexico.

Send extra security to Slamtown Manor to protect Taya. She may be next.

In actuality, this would appear to be a way to write Morrison out of MLW now that he is starring as Johnny TV in AEW. Taya also made that jump to AEW earlier this year. Duran’s absence could be explained by taking another alias to work as Elio on the Mayans M.C. program.

Whether or not there is more to the story than meets the eye, these kidnappings are a fun way to add spice to the MLW show, and it leaves the door open for a return one day. Imagine the tales Morrison could tell explaining how he escaped his kidnappers through the magic of parkour.

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