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CMLL is coming to the UK to work with RevPro for Fantasticamania

CMLL is expanding the Fantasticamania brand to the UK. The original concept dates back to 2011 for luchadores to visit NJPW in Japan for an annual tour of shows until this year when CMLL held the first Fantasticamania in Mexico with NJPW sending talent their way.

In the tradition of Fantasticamania, CMLL announced that they will be taking the show to the UK with RevPro Wrestling for September 23 in Manchester.

There have been no match announcements yet nor a list of talent to appear. Major names should be on the docket, but don’t expect CMLL to send all their stars. They will still need drawing power to fill seats back home in Mexico for various events throughout that same week.

RevPro issued the following press release for the Fantasticamania UK event:

Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro) & Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) are today pleased to officially announce a working relationship.

Revolution Pro Wrestling matchmaker Andy Quildan said, ‘one of the great things about Pro Wrestling is it’s an international language that anyone can understand and I firmly believe that this will be another illustration of that fact. We look forward to working with the world’s oldest wrestling promotion and are hopeful that this new partnership will not only thrill crowds but also aid the development of our home grown stars who will be competing alongside and against some of the most talented wrestlers in the world.’

You can expect to see involvement from CMLL talents at Revolution Pro Wrestling events starting on Saturday September 23rd with two huge shows as live from Manchester’s Love Factory RevPro Presents: Fantastica Mania UK 2023.

This history making event will be presented alongside Manchester’s ‘Taco Town, the UK’s Biggest Taco & Tequila Festival’ (which all ticket holders will get complimentary entry into) and be the perfect introduction to the world of Lucha Libre and CMLL to wrestling fans in the UK.

To join an exclusive mailing list pre-sale for RevPro Presents: Fantastica Mania UK 2023 go to:

Which matchups between CMLL and RevPro wrestlers would you like to see at Fantasticamania UK?

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