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MLW Roundup: Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Tracy Williams advance to Opera Cup final, more!

Let’s catch up on the world of Major League Wrestling.

The Opera Cup tournament is in full swing with semifinal matchups. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is competing to bring the trophy back to the Hart family. Calvin Tankman stood in his way as a formidable opponent on episode 174 of MLW Fusion.

The two heavyweights competed in a rugged fight. Tankman was on the cusp of victory firing a pop-up back elbow and slugging Smith in the back of the head. When Tankman lifted Smith for a suplex, the Bulldog countered for a crossface submission to win clean.

The other half of the bracket featured Tracy Williams against Tony Deppen on episode 175 of MLW Fusion. They have history as adversaries in Ring of Honor competing over the TV title. It was Deppen who ended Williams’ run with the ROH World Television Championship.

Williams was often one step ahead in the chess match of technical wrestling. Deppen relied on wild rallies for offense. After an exchange of roll-ups, Williams gained the edge in position to spring for a piledriver to win.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Tracy Williams are set to clash in the Opera Cup final to air on a future episode of MLW Fusion.

In other top storylines, Willie Mack earned a shot at Alex Kane and the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. That match will go down at Fury Road on September 3 in Philadelphia, PA. Let the verbal jousting begin.

Mack responded to Kane’s insults by using it to fuel the fire. He is used to people doubting him. Mack channels that energy into success.

Kane shot back that Mack’s fight camp is more like food camp. He doesn’t believe Mack is taking this opportunity seriously. Kane was in the mood for a warm-up, so Bomaye will be coming to tropical Mexico for an international tune-up.

Both Kane and Mack will be in action from Tijuana on the upcoming episode 176 of MLW Fusion on Thursday night. Kane is rolling solo to teach Delirious a lesson. Mack is engaging in trios action alongside Jack Cartwheel and Myzteziz against Black Danger, Dinamico, and Genio del Aire.

Sticking with the Bomaye Fight Club, Mr. Thomas welcomed J Boujii as the newest member. They competed in a try-out match. Boujii was impressive with quick offense, but Thomas was too powerful in the end. A swinging side slam and a powerbomb sealed the deal for Thomas to win. Afterward, Thomas was pleased with Boujii’s fighting spirit, so he was welcomed to the team.

In addition to the world title bout at Fury Road, another feature attraction will be Matt Cardona versus Mance Warner in a Kiss My Foot match. Mister Saint Laurent is the mastermind behind this stipulation. The Second Gear Crew stepped up to protect Microman from MSL, so the leader of the World Titan Federation chose the crown jewel to fight against any member of SGC.

Warner did not hesitate to accept the fight for the PPV, but he didn’t know about that stipulation at the time of this promo.

Over in the women’s division, Maki Itoh will make her MLW debut at Fury Road. The Cutest in the World is set to wrestle international pop star B3CCA. The winner will earn a title shot for the MLW World Women’s Featherweight Championship.

B3CCA is looking to rebound after losing to Billie Starkz. Starkz shed off a headscissors on the turnbuckles to take flight for a senton to earn the win. After the match, Starkz received a gift from The Calling. She opened the box to reveal guts and brains.

The Calling still has their eye on Jacob Fatu. Rickey Shane Page is coming for the MLW National Openweight Championship, and no Uce will be able to save Fatu. Trust in Raven.

RSP backed up his confidence by defeating Matthew Justice. The SGC brother had momentum landing a flying splash. That wasn’t enough to keep Page down, so Justice climbed a ladder for a higher splash. RSP moved out of the way, and Justice crashed onto the mat. Page pounced for a DDT to win.

Fatu isn’t scared of The Calling. They are knocking on the wrong door. Fatu warned them to remember who started the body count in MLW, which was a reference to the Contra Unit.

Last bit of news are the latest picks in the 2023 Open Draft. Love, Doug and Tiara James are coming aboard to MLW. Doug already has a fixation on B3CCA, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Share your thoughts on the happenings in MLW.

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