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Kamille loses the NWA Women’s World Championship at NWA 75 to end her 813-day reign

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The unthinkable happened at NWA 75. Kamille lost the NWA Women’s World Championship. The Brickhouse had been running strong as the one-time champ for 813 days, then she finally met her demise in the ring.

Kamille started the two-day event with a successful title defense against Natalia Markova in a No Limits (anything goes) match on Night 1 (Aug. 26, 2023.) Weapons were aplenty for the hardcore fight. Kendo sticks, trashcans, chairs, tables, and more. The action was physical and painful. They didn’t hold back on delivering shots with full force. Highlight moments include Markova whacking Kamille with a cookie sheet as Kamille charged for a spear, Kamille returning the favor on Markova’s suicide dive, and Kamille hitting a spear mid-air to Markova on a flying attack. Markova took Kamille to the limit with several near falls. In the end, the Brickhouse was better. Kamille charged for a spear through the ropes tackling Markova off the apron crashing through a table. Kamille earned the pin on the floor for a badass finish.

NWA 75

Night 2 (Aug. 27, 2023) brought new competition for Kamille. Kenzie Paige had quite the journey on Night 1. She lost the NWA Women’s World Television Championship to Max The Impaler, then she returned later in the evening to win the Mildred Burke Invitational Gauntlet for a shot at the world title.

Kamille handled Kenzie with ease to start the match. Kenzie had a feisty spirit to create opportunities of offense, but Kamille kept powering through. The Brickhouse crunched up in a Tree of Woe to come back for a flying crossbody. Kamille unloaded an Oklahoma slam, a torture rack bomb, a fireman’s carry driver, and an avalanche driver through the course of the match, and Kenzie kept kicking out on the pinfalls.

Kamille went high flying again, but Kenzie countered mid-air for a cutter. It wasn’t long before Kamille muscled for a powerbomb. That’s where Kenzie’s strategy came into play. Earlier in the match, she loosened the turnbuckle pad. After the powerbomb, Kenzie knew a spear was coming next. She slyly ripped off the pad, dodged the attack, and Kamille crashed head-first into the exposed steel. Kenzie struck with a cutter. 1, 2, 3, new champion!


How big was that shock on the Richter scale for upsets in your opinion?

The replay for NWA 75 is available for streaming through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2).

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