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EC3 wins NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, Tyrus retires at NWA 75

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The wrestling career of Tyrus is over, man. It ended at the hands of the Over Man, EC3.

EC3 challenged Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in the main event of NWA 75 (Night 2, Aug. 27, 2023). Tyrus wanted a bullrope match, and he put his career on the line to sweeten the deal for EC3 to accept. EC3 emerged victorious to send Tyrus into retirement.

EC3 often spoke about achieving his final form by winning the NWA world title. He entered the event wearing a mask.

NWA conducted an official weigh-in on Night 1, and EC3 still wore that mask. He tipped the scales at 231.7 pounds. Tyrus showed up at 375 pounds, unofficially since he was holding the title and the bullrope. The purpose of the weigh-in was to illustrate the size difference for the bullrope match. Tyrus was too large for EC3 to muscle around the ring.

The match came on Night 2 of NWA 75. Thankfully, EC3 did not wrestle in the mask. The competitors were strapped together by the wrist with a cowbell in the middle to use as a weapon. Cue ‘more cowbell’ jokes.

Tyrus kept the distance close by using the rope to pull EC3 to him for punches and slams. Tyrus dominated early until EC3 used his speed to his advantage. EC3 dodged a charge, and Tyrus rammed his shoulder into the ring post. EC3 spiked a pair of DDTs onto hard surfaces. Tyrus came back with an exploder suplex on the floor and a chokeslam through the timekeeper table.

Tyrus called his mama then hit a running splash on EC3. Kick out to continue the match. EC3 went back to the well of ramming Tyrus’ shoulder into the ring post. He smashed a trashcan on the Funkasaurus’ head. EC3 methodically tenderized Tyrus hitting each limb with a chair. Tyrus writhed in pain. EC3 took a seat to talk trash. Tyrus rose up to chokeslam EC3, but he knocked down the referee in the backswing of his movement. When Tyrus checked on the official, EC3 pulled the rope for a low blow into the mastodon’s groin. That was the game changing moment.

EC3 hit a headlock driver on the cowbell and a second headlock driver on the mat. Tyrus powered out of the pin at 1. EC3 smashed the cowbell to Tyrus’ head three times in a row. EC3 worked to apply The Purpose submission. He used the rope for leverage to crank back. Tyrus was forced to tap out. EC3 won the Ten Pounds of Gold.


EC3 and Tyrus shared respect after the match. The new champ exited to give Tyrus his final moment alone. Tyrus loves the wrestling business, the fans, and the NWA people. He shared thanks and will miss them from the bottom of his heart. EC3 returned with two titles. He handed over the one Tyrus carried as a keepsake. The ring filled with wrestling veterans on the NWA roster for a goodbye to Tyrus.

How high do you think EC3 can carry the NWA as the champion? What was your favorite memory from the wrestling career of Tyrus?

The replay for NWA 75 is available for streaming through Fite TV as a bundle or single shows (Night 1, Night 2).

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